Influence of system management on strategic development of the enterprise under uncertainty and risk

The research paper deals with the formation of new scientific solutions regarding the study of the impact of system management on the strategic development of business entities that operate in modern conditions of growing uncertainty and the number of business risks. The work reveals the relationship between the strategic and system management of the enterprise, and also provides brief characteristics of these two types of management of business entities with the disclosure of the processes of their implementation. The study of strategic alliances as tools of system management in the framework of ensuring the strategic development of enterprises under uncertainty and risk is carried out. Based on the forecast of the dynamics of strategic alliances in the next four years, the use of this system management tool by business entities to ensure their own strategic development has been proved. The factors of formation and development of strategic alliances in the context of ensuring the strategic development of enterprises are identified, which include: phase of the economic cycle; the importance of innovation for business entities; development of the national economy; public policy; interaction of the state with global financial institutions. Particular attention is paid to revealing the interaction of the developed and developing countries with global financial institutions with the identification of trends and problems of such interaction in the context of the impact on the formation and development of strategic alliances as a system management tool. © 2019 Liashenko

Liashenko R.V.1 , Karpiuk K.I.2, 3 , Buzovich A.I. 4
Richtmann Publishing Ltd
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  • 1 Department of Economic Theory and Intellectual Property, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, Zhytomyr, Ukraine
  • 2 Department of International Economics, Kiev National Economic University the name after Vadim Hetman, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 3 OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in, Ukraine
  • 4 Department of Management, Faculty of Economy, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Risks; Strategic alliances; Strategic development of the enterprise; Strategic management; System management; Uncertainty
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