Dependence of Properties and Exchange Coupling Constants on the Charge in the Mn2On and Fe2On Series

The geometrical structure and properties of the neutral and singly charged Mn2Onq and Fe2Onq clusters (q = 0, ±1) are computed using density functional theory with the generalized gradient approximation in the range 1 ≤ n ≤ 7. The geometrical structures and spin multiplicities of the corresponding species in all six series are similar except for a few exceptions. Antiferromagnetic coupling of total spin magnetic moments of the metal atoms in the lowest total energy states is observed for the majority of species in all six series when n = 1-5; correspondingly, the computed magnetic exchange coupling constants are mostly negative. The states of Mn2Onq and Fe2Onq are nonmagnetic or weakly ferromagnetic when n > 5 except for Mn2O7+ where the ground state is antiferromagnetic. The computed adiabatic electron affinities and ionization energies of the neutral species in both series are quite close to one another and increase as n increases. However, the binding energies of a single oxygen atom and of an O2 dimer decrease as n increases and the Mn2O7+ and Fe2O7+ cations are barely stable with respect to the O2 abstraction. The most stable and least stable species at a given n are the anions and the cations, respectively. The electric dipole polarizability per atom decreases sharply when n moves from 1 to 4 and then remains nearly constant for larger n values in the anion series, whereas it is close to the asymptotic value already at n = 2 in the neutral series. Copyright © 2018 American Chemical Society.

Gutsev G.L.1 , Bozhenko K.V. 2, 3 , Gutsev L.G.4 , Utenyshev A.N.2 , Aldoshin S.M.2
American Chemical Society
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  • 1 Department of Physics, Florida AandM University, Tallahassee, FL 32307, United States
  • 2 Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Region, Chernogolovka, 142432, Russian Federation
  • 3 Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation
  • 4 Department of Physics, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 23284, United States
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Antiferromagnetism; Atoms; Binding energy; Exchange coupling; Geometry; Ground state; Magnetic moments; Manganese oxide; Negative ions; Positive ions; Adiabatic electron affinity; Antiferromagnetic coupling; Electric dipole polarizability; Exchange coupling constants; Generalized gradient approximations; Geometrical structure; Magnetic exchange coupling; Spin magnetic moments; Density functional theory
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