Econometric models for estimating current and forecast values of the level of human capital development in the Russian economy [ЭКОНОМЕТРИЧЕСКИЕ МОДЕЛИ ОЦЕНКИ ТЕКУЩИХ И ПРОГНОЗНЫХ ЗНАЧЕНИЙ УРОВНЯ РАЗВИТИЯ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКОГО КАПИТАЛА В РОССИЙСКОЙ ЭКОНОМИКЕ]

Studies of factors of sustainable economic development in modern conditions are highly relevant for Russia due to the constant increase and tightening of sanctions restrictions. They have a negative impact on the introduction of innovative developments and economic growth, and reduce the competitiveness of Russian enterprises and their products on world markets. Human capital can become one of the key factors for countering sanctions restrictions, improving the efficiency of economic development and gaining additional competitive advantages for domestic enterprises and the economy as a whole. Assessing the impact of human capital on the sustainable development of the economy is difficult, since it is one of the specific forms of capital. When making appropriate measurements, economic scientists rely on a number of developed theoretical methods and practical tools that support them, which allow us to obtain fairly accurate values of the human capital development index (HDI) based on statistical data. First of all, this is the current UN methodology for calculating the HDI indicator, as well as modern software systems OriginPro-8.6 and Eviews-10.0, which have sufficiently advanced functionality for performing calculations. Russia today has all the necessary prerequisites and opportunities for progressive social and economic development. However, the formation of econometric models will help to timely determine the current and forecast values of the level of human capital development for individual enterprises, industries, and the country's economy as a whole. This paper shows the practical application of the econometric tools of all the above approaches to obtain the calculated values of the HDI indicator for different time periods and different scenarios for the development of the Russian economy. The results obtained confirmed the high practical significance of the tools used and the acceptable accuracy of the calculations. However, the current and forecast values of the level of human capital development alone will not be able to ensure the effective development of the Russian economy. On the contrary, the effective use of human capital in the implementation of import substitution strategies and national projects will allow our country to become one of the world's leading economic development countries. © 2020 Lomonosov Moscow State University. All rights reserved.

Baranova N.M. 1 , Larin S.N. 2 , Khrustalyov E.Yu.2
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Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • 1 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Miklouho-Maclay str., 6, Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation
  • 2 Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS, Nakhimovsky ave, 47, Moscow, 117418, Russian Federation
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Econometric model; Human capital; Including the influence of factors; Sustainable development
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