The ways of effectiveness increase of liquid fuel with organic addition appliance in aerospace equipment

As a result of research carried out by NASA in 2011, oil deposits were discovered on the moon, which are thousands of times larger than Saudi Arabia’s reserves, and lunar gravity significantly simplifies the exploration process. This is the same for Mars the planet of the solar system. The presence of oil and complex hydrocarbons on planets can be designed using components of liquid fuels and vegetable oils. An analogue for studying the characteristics of the present liquid hydrocarbons on the planets, as components of a fuel, can be a mixture of diesel fuel. Density, viscosity, mixtures of diesel fuel (DF), lighting kerosene (KER) and peanut, rapeseed oil (PO; RO) have been determined. It was concluded that the most suitable for diesel power supply is a compound consisting of 29% DF, 33% KER and 38% PO (RO). The viscosity of the mixture (M) was about 8.0 mm2·s-1 (200°C). It was found that at the distillation temperature of M, equal to 180-2500°C, the volume of distillation was 10-50%, which is identical to the parameters of the rate presented at the Federal Standard GOST on DF. It is shown that the distillation of the compounds into separate fractions proceeds mainly at temperatures below the distillation temperature of the DF. Weight reducing and weight increasing of the fractional composition is observed simultaneously, which is due to the presence in the mixtures of high-boiling vegetable oil (VO). It is not possible to disperse mixtures containing VO into separate fractions above 300-3400°C because of the decomposition of this component. © 2020, Univelt Inc. All rights reserved.

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