The awareness of patients with chronic dermatitis about rendering medical services and rights at their acceptance

The information about disease, its cause, prognosis, methods of diagnostics, treatment and prevention is always very important for patient and relatives. The article presents the results of questionnaire survey of 412 patients with chronic dermatitis residing in Moscow. The purpose of study was to evaluate awareness of patients with chronic dermatitis and residing in the capital of Russia about medical services provided and their rights to receive them. It was established that the information most frequently provided to patient by physician relates diagnosis. According to the survey, physicians always provide information about diagnosis in 84.9% of cases. The second place is for information about treatment methods and possible complications during treatment (82.0%). More rarely, physicians inform patients about the examination methods, possible unpleasant sensations and complications, side effects of medications and patient's right to refuse examination and treatment, as well as the consequences of such a refusal. Absolutely all patients indicated the need to protect the rights of patients in case of their violation in the process of providing medical care. Moreover, 59.6% of them were sure about necessity to appeal to the administration of medical institution, 16.3% of patients considered it necessary to complain to insurance companies, 15.7% of patients to the Ministry of Health and 8.3% of patients to the court.

Konovalov O.E. 1, 2 , Jiltsova E.E.3 , Chakhoyan L.R.4
Акционерное общество "Шико"
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  • 1 Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia" (RUDN University)Moscow 117198, Russian Federation
  • 2 N. A. Semashko National Research Institute of Public HealthMoscow 105064, Russian Federation
  • 3 Society with Limited Liability "The Levon Chakhoyan Rejuvenation Clinic"Moscow 127051, Russian Federation
  • 4 Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education "The academician I. P. Pavlov Ryazan State Medical University" of Minzdrav of Russia, Ryazan, 390026, Russian Federation
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chronic dermatitis; medical services; patient; patient awareness; patient's rights
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