Human natural antibodies recognizing glycan galβ1-3glcnac (LeC)

The level of human natural antibodies of immunoglobulin M isotype against LeC in patients with breast cancer is lower than in healthy women. The epitope specificity of these antibodies has been characterized using a printed glycan array and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), the antibodies being isolated from donors’ blood using LeC-Sepharose (LeC is Galβ1-3GlcNAcβ). The isolated antibodies recognize the disaccharide but do not bind to glycans terminated with LeC, which implies the impossibility of binding to regular glycoproteins of non-malignant cells. The avidity (as dissociation constant value) of antibodies probed with a multivalent disaccharide is 10−9 M; the nanomolar level indicates that the concentration is sufficient for physiological binding to the cognate antigen. Testing of several breast cancer cell lines showed the strongest binding to ZR 75-1. Interestingly, only 7% of the cells were positive in a monolayer with a low density, increasing up to 96% at highest density. The enhanced interaction (instead of the expected inhibition) of antibodies with ZR 75-1 cells in the presence of Galβ1-3GlcNAcβ disaccharide, indicates that the target epitope of anti-LeC antibodies is a molecular pattern with a carbohydrate constituent rather than a glycan. © 2020 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

Dobrochaeva K.1 , Khasbiullina N.2, 3, 4 , Shilova N.1, 2, 3 , Antipova N. 1, 5, 6 , Obukhova P.1, 3 , Galanina O.1 , Gorbach M.1 , Popova I.1 , Khaidukov S. 1 , Grishchenko N.7 , Tupitsyn N.7 , Pendu J.L.8 , Bovin N.1, 9
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Breast cancer; Cancer-associated antibodies; LeC antigen; Natural anti-glycan antibodies; Printed glycan array
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