Functional features of platelets in vivo in rats long-term fructose

Objective:to follow the development of increased intravascular platelet activity in rats during the experimental formation of their metabolic syndrome. Material and methods:The study included 61 male rats aged 2.5-3 months, which were obtained from completely healthy females by the first-second litter. When included in the study, the body mass of the rats reached 261.1 ±1.18 g, the circumference of their abdomen was 14.7 ± 0.26 cm. Before our study, the animals did not participate in other studies and had no pathology. By chance, all rats were divided into 2 groups: 32 rats received in unlimited quantities as a drink 10% fructose solution. This solution is derived from crystalline fructose (Novaprodukt, Russia). The remaining 29 rats formed a control group. The study was conducted for 8 weeks. Results:In the animals taken in the experiment that received the fructose solution, after 2 weeks the plasma lipid composition and peroxidation activity in it underwent a tendency to deterioration, and after 4 weeks their negative changes reached the level of confidence, then gradually deteriorated. In rats treated with a solution of fructose, after 4 weeks of the experiment their apparent imbalance of arachidonic acid metabolites was detected, reaching a maximum of 8 weeks of observation. These changes were accompanied by an increase in the plasma level of endothelin-1 and a decrease in the synthesis of nitric oxide. In experimental rats, already after 2 weeks, there was a tendency to an increase in the intravascular activity of platelets, which gradually increased during the whole observation. Within 8 weeks of experimental observation, the level of aggregates of any size freely movingthrough their vessels increased significantly, creating the danger of blockade of the microvasculature. Conclusion:Under conditions of experimental loading with fructose in rats, a rapid simultaneous violation ofbiochemical parameters and a rapid increase in the intravascular activity of platelets characteristic of the metabolicsyndrome were established. These changes should be attributed to the growth of prostacyclin and nitric oxidelevels in the blood of experimental animals against the background of the fructose load and an increase in theconcentrations of thromboxane, endothelin-1, thiobarbituric acid-active products and acylhydroperoxides.

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fructose; rats; model; metabolic syndrome; platelets; intravascular platelet activity
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