Comparative analysis of reliability of non-destructive methods of strength control of concrete impregnated with vegetable oil: Basalt fiber for increasing the concrete strength

The feature of the operation of most industrial buildings and structures is the production or use of oils and oil products in technological processes. Getting on concrete and reinforced concrete load-bearing structures, vegetable and mineral oil and oil products gradually impregnate them and cause a negative impact on physical and mechanical properties of the material. A negative impact of vegetable, mineral oil and oil products on concrete and reinforced concrete leads to the reliability reduction of load-bearing structures of industrial buildings of the certain purpose. The study presents the concrete strength determinations of pumping equipment of oil processing enterprises foundations (while in operation about 5 years). During the research the main developments in this field have been analyzed. The reliable method of strength concrete was discussed. Adding basalt fibers in concrete mixture as reinforcement helps to retain and increase the strength of concrete impregnated with vegetable oil. The properties of basalt fiber give basalt fiber reinforced concrete the ability to withstand acidic, chemical, salty effect that causes concrete structures to lose its strength. The dependences of the measured results by both methods analyzed in this paper depending on the impregnation of concrete with vegetable oil were shown. The analysis of the indicators which depend on the time of impregnation with different oils has been carried out in this paper. The obtained results can be applied to assess the technical safety of industrial buildings in which vegetable and mineral oil, and oil products are produced and used. Also, how the use of basalt fibers in reinforcing concrete cures the oil impregnated concrete and increases the concrete strength was discussed in this paper. (C) 2019 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Gamal T.SF. , Chiadighikaobi P.C.
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Concrete, basalt fiber concrete; Oil soaked concrete; Deformations; Viscosity; Safety
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