Circassia in the Russian-Turkish relations at the end of the XVIII - The beginning of the XIX centuries

The article discusses the Circassia in the russian-turkish dialogue at the end of XVIII - early of XIX centuries. The article is paid attention to the little-known pages of relations between Russia and Turkey in maintaining stability on the territory of Circassia on the eve of the Caucasian war. In particular, this interaction is reflected in the responsibility of Turkey to Russia for robberies of the circassians on the russian side and in the attempts of the turkish authorities to prevent attacks of the circassians on the russian territory. There were used as materials the documents of the state archive of the Krasnodar Krai (Krasnodar, Russian Federation). Also, there were involved the pre-revolutionary and modern researches reflecting the process of relations between Russia and Turkey on the circassian issues. The methodological basis of the article was the traditional for research of this kind the principles of historicism, objectivity, analytical and comparative methods. In conclusion, the authors noted that there was created an extensive dialogue on the circassian issues between Russia and Turkey in the late of XVIII - early of XIX centuries. So, there was clearly defined the property and financial responsibility for the theft of the circassians on the russian side, there was an exchange of prisoners and fugitives, generally there was supported a ban on the adoption of the representatives of the local people fled from the circassian territory. By the end of the XVIII century such tendencies that the turks could not convince the circassians to stop the attacks on the russian side became clearly evident. In the result, the russian administration began to resort to the rare implementation of repressive measures. Copyright © 2017 by Sochi State University. Copyright © 2017 by Academic Publishing House Researcher s.r.o.

Rajović G.1 , Ezhevski D.O. 2 , Vazerova A.G.3 , Trailovic M.4
Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation
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  • 1 International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Russian Federation
  • 3 Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, Russian Federation
  • 4 University of Geneva, Switzerland
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Circassia; Russian-Turkish agreements; The Black Sea cossacks; The end of the XVIII - early of XIX centuries
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