Influence of natural DNA-binding compounds with cancer preventive activity on chromatin structure and interferon signaling

Blokhin NMRCO, Department of Chemical Carcinogenesis, Moscow, Russia1 Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Cell Stress Biology, Buffalo, USA2 Ryazan State Medical University, Ryazan, Russia3 RUDN University, Moscow, Russia4 Chromatin-destabilizing effects of the natural DNA-binding small molecules Curcumin, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Genistein, Fisetin, Coumarin, Apigenin, EGCG, Thymoquinon and Naringenin on chromatin structure were analyzed by histone H1 and chaperone of histone SSRPtranslocation in cell nuclear. Using live cell fluorescent imaging we demonstrated that all the natural DNA-binding compounds studied were able to cause the appearance of cell fractions with high histone H1 amount localized in nucleolus. Visible changes in location of SSRP in cells treated with all the phytonutrients was also observed by live cell fluorescent imaging and for the number of compounds its translocation from nucleoles was confirmed by Western Blotting. It should be noted that dynamics of the phytonutrients influence on H1 and SSRP translocation varied greatly. We revealed activation of INF signaling by Genistein, Curcumin, Kaempferol, Sanguinarin, Naringenin, Resveratrol, Fisetin and Quercetin using flow cytometry of the HeLa-TI cells with ISRE-mCherry reporter.

Vlasova O.A.1 , Maksimova V.P.1 , Fetisov T.I.1 , Safina A. 4 , Lesovaya E.A.1 , Belitsky G.A.1 , Gurova K. 4 , Kirsanov K.I. 1 , Yakubovskaya M.G.1
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Национальный исследовательский Томский государственный университет
  • 1 Blokhin NMRCO, Department of Chemical Carcinogenesis
  • 2 Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Cell Stress Biology
  • 3 Ryazan State Medical University
  • 4 RUDN University
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Histone H1; SSRP; chromatin structure; interferon signaling; phytonutrients
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Maximova V.P., Lizogub O.P., Fedorov D.A., Zhidkova E.M., Lesovaya E.A., Kholodova A.V., Belitsky G.A., Yakubovskaya M.G., Kirsanov K.I.
The 22nd International Charles Heidelberger Symposium on Cancer Research. Национальный исследовательский Томский государственный университет. 2018. С. 68-70