Analytical modelling and simulation of admission control scheme for non-real time services in LTE networks

In 4th generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) and LTE-Advanced networks, there are 9 types of services, which have different service priorities and generated traffics. Depending on the combination of services with different priorities, about 200 radio admission control schemes could be developed. However, international standards have no recommendations for the construction and analysis of methods for such schemes. Thereby, a need for admission control schemes development and selecting the most effective ones arises. The article proposes a scheme based on the bit rate degradation of non-real time services in proportion to the individual thresholds chosen in accordance with the network or consumer devices characteristics. A complex approach for analysing the model performance measures-blocking probability, mean data transfer time-is proposed. It is based on queuing theory via the development of a Markov model of the admission control scheme and on verifying the obtained results via simulation allowing arbitrary arrival process and file sizes. The results obtained in this paper could be used by mobile operators for 4th and 5th generation network planning to evaluate the quality of service level. © ECMS Valeri M. Mladenov, Petia Georgieva, Grisha Spasov, Galidiya Petrova (Editors).

Gudkova I.A. 1 , Markova E.V. 1 , Abaev P.O. 1 , Antonova V.M.2
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European Council for Modelling and Simulation
  • 1 Department of Applied Probability and Informatics, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Ordzhonikidze str. 3, Moscow, 115419, Russian Federation
  • 2 Department of Communication Network and Switching Systems, Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics, Aviamotornaya str. 8 A, Moscow, 111024, Russian Federation
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Blocking probability; Data transfer time; Degradation; LTE; Non-guaranteed bit rate; Non-real time service; Queuing theory; Radio admission control; Simulation model
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