Conceptual foundations of management of infrastructure of support for small entrepreneurship

The article views the issues of development of conceptual frameworks of management of infrastructure of small entrepreneurship. As a result of the conducted research, the subject and object of management, as well as the forms of management functions of managerial influence are clarified; the proprietary vision of the principles of management of infrastructure of support for small entrepreneurship is given. The article also describes approaches to description of measures for support for small and medium enterprises, evaluation of effectiveness of realization of the concept, and direction of its further development. Special attention is paid to perfecting the legal base, regulating cash operations by subjects of SME, provision of access by subjects of SME to state and municipal purchases and investment resources for subjects of SME, and development of the system of micro-financing. The authors substantiate that it is necessary to distinguish two notions: “forms of management” and “methods of management”. Methods of management are viewed in the article as an important legal means which is a totality of means and methods used by state authorities and their official bodies within limits, set by the law, in order to perform management and administrative influence as to certain persons and objects. At that, form of management is certain external manifestation of managerial actions (management), performed by state authorities (of federal and regional level) and by local authorities. The authors substantiate that general functions of managing socio-economic systems have remained unchanged over several recent years. However, the number and content of functions of the system of management of infrastructure of support for small entrepreneurship will differ a little, as, according to its content, it is referred to the level of socio-economic management. © 2015, Canadian Center of Science and Education. All rights reserved.

Rudenko L.G.1 , Zaytseva N.A.2 , Dzhandzhugazova E.A.2 , Petrovskaya M.V. 3 , Larionchikova V.N. 3
Canadian Center of Science and Education
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  • 1 S.Y. Witte Moscow University, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 3 Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Conceptual foundations of management; Effectiveness of management; Forms and methods of management; Functions of management; Infrastructure support; Management principles; Small business
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