Project technologies in art from beginning to anter-prise of S. Diagilev

The author considers historical trends in the development of design technologies in the field of art. Various design and artistic solutions are analyzed within the framework of historical periods and styles from the Ancient East to the New Time. The focus is on the era in which a new approach to the organization of theatrical entreprise and the production principles of the performance was created. The article reveals the specifics of projects as human creative activity. The role of the design method as a system of unique, clearly defined actions aimed at obtaining concrete results in a multifunctional environment for a specified period and within the allocated resources is shown. The methods of design are characterized by a deep mutual integration of the artistic and creative principle and the development of information technology. Various examples of projects from the beginning of civilization to the 20th century are given. In the XX century, art management emerged as a form of organization of the theatrical business and it became possible to conduct an enterprise. The article underlines the role of SP Diaghilev's Russian Seasons in creating conditions for the birth of unique professional and artistic experience in Russia and abroad. Based on a rethinking of the foreign practice of conducting tours in different countries, it is shown that Russia has developed the art of design technologies of a sufficiently high level, laid the foundations of artistic and organizational abilities that are standard for the whole world now. Formation of special knowledge, dialectics of research project strategies in the XX century assumes the strengthening of the importance of knowledge obtained from the historical past, which can increase the competitiveness of not only performances, but also other creative works in the conditions of the contemporary art market. © 2017, Universidad del Zulia. All rights reserved.

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  • 1 RUDN UniversityAndrey Dionisovich Razin, Russian Federation
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"Russian Seasons"; Historical development; Potential opportunities; Project activity; Project technologies; Theatrical entreprise
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