The Role of Ecological Factors in Acute Enteric Infection Morbidity of Population of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

The studying of influence of natural factors on distribution of acute intestinal infections in the territory of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was organized and carried out for the first time. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The country occupies the 8th place of population density making up to 1237,51 people per km2. It is one of the poorest states in Asia with annual income per capita $520 (as of 2008) whereas the average world income per capita makes up to $10 200. One more feature of Bangladesh is the country annually is exposed to large number of natural disasters and the most frequent is flood. The dense population, poverty, unsatisfactory sanitary and hygienic conditions, illiteracy promote wide circulation in Bangladesh of acute intestinal infections which take first place in the structure of general incidence of the population of the country. It is shown that the nature of spread of acute intestinal infections in the country is defined by ecological, demographic, social and economic and sanitary and hygienic factors. As a result of a complex ecological hygienic research of the causes of wide circulation of acute intestinal diseases among population of the country the correlation relationship between natural features, social and ecological conditions and incidence for each of 64 administrative regions of the People's Re-public of Bangladesh were revealed. On the basis of the obtained regularities the recommendations were submitted to decrease epidemiological tension in the country related to diarrheal diseases.

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  • 1 Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia" (RUDN University), Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation
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acute intestinal infection; epidemiological tension; flood; natural features; People's Republic of Bangladesh; water supply and sewerage
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