Evaluation of economic efficiency of keeping and raising young cattle in Russia

On a world-wide basis increasing of meat production, especially beef, improving of its quality and reducing of costs are of great economic importance, and therefore intensification of livestock industry through introduction of advanced technologies, organization of full feeding, creation of optimal conditions for animals' welfare, breeding of the most productive breeds of young cattle are important. Young cattle of various productivity areas in Russia are grown to different weight conditions with different technologies of keeping and battening and their live weight and carcass weight are evaluated according to the interstate standard GOST 34120-2017 according to 7 categories. In 2018 production of livestock and poultry for slaughter (live weight) in farms of all categories in Russia amounted to 9 million tons and increased by 3.7 % compared to the same period in 2017. According to the Russian State Statistics of Federal Agency the volume of industrial meat production amounted to 1 690.6 thousand tons for the period from January till August in 2018 (11.2 % more than at the same period in 2017). Agricultural organizations produced 626.1 thousand tons of meat for the period from January till August in 2018 (almost 8 % more than at the same period in 2017). In 2018 according to the data from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture the average price of agricultural producers for cattle (live weight) was 109.57 thousand rubles per ton (w/o VAT), for half-carcass beef - 209.25 thousand rubles per ton (w/o VAT), which are also higher compared to the data for 2017. Average consumer costs for beef - 325.91 rubles per kg. In this work comparative assessment of average purchasing and consumer prices of live weight and carcasses of bulls and bullocks of various productivity areas was made, taking into account age of animals and technology of growing and battening by the category - super, prima, extra, excellent, good, satisfactory, low and evaluation of economic prospects for growing young stock to different weight conditions was given. © 2019 Latvia University of Agriculture. All rights reserved.

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