Association of SNPs in the Promoter Regions of VEGF (rs699947 и rs2010963), ICAM1 (rs281437) and ET-1 (rs1800541) with Serum Levels of Related Proteins and Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis Risk [Взаимосвязь полиморфных локусов, расположенных в промоторных областях генов VEGF (rs699947 и rs2010963), ICAM1 (rs281437) и ET-1 (rs1800541), с уровнем соответствующих белковых продуктов в сыворотке крови и риском развития алкогольного цирроза печени]

BACKGROUND: Uncontrolled use of alcohol can lead to the development of cirrhosis of the liver, which is manifested by fibrosis with the formation of regenerative nodes, an increase in pressure in the portal vein system and impaired liver function. Hepatic endothelium dysfunction during the formation of portal hypertension is accompanied by an increase in the level of protein molecules involved in the functioning of the endothelium: vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A), a soluble form of the intercellular adhesion molecule (s-ICAM-1) and endothelin-1 (ET -one). It is assumed that elevated levels of VEGF-A, s-ICAM-1 and ET-1 in alcoholic liver cirrhosis (AHC) may be interconnected with the structure of polymorphic loci, the promoter regions of the respective genes, which in turn may be a genetic risk factor for developing cirrhosis. AIMS: Investigate the relationship of carriage of variant forms of polymorphic loci located in the promoter regions of VEGF-A, ICAM-1 and ET-1 with the level of the corresponding proteins in the blood serum and the risk of AHC. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The main group consisted of patients with pathological dependence on alcohol, aggravated by cirrhosis of the liver (AHC, n=60). The control group consisted of persons suffering from alcohol abuse, without liver pathology (AA, n=24). The observation period was the period of hospitalization. The serum levels of VEGF-A, s-ICAM-1 and ET-1 were evaluated by enzyme immunoassay. The distribution of variant forms of polymorphic loci located in the promoter regions of the VEGF-A genes (rs699947 and rs2010963), ICAM1 (rs281437) and ET-1 (rs1800541) in the studied sample was performed by real-time PCR. RESULTS: The development of alcoholic cirrhosis was accompanied by a significant increase in the concentration of VEGF-A, s-ICAM-1 and ET-1 in serum. At the same time, direct correlations between the concentrations of VEGF-A, s-ICAM-1 and ET-1 in serum and the diameter of the portal vein in persons with liver cirrhosis were revealed. Patients with AHC are often carriers of the G allele of rs1800541 locus, located in the promoter of the ET-1 gene, compared with individuals suffering from control without liver pathology, which is associated with an increased risk of developing cirrhosis in alcohol dependence. The carriage of the C allele rs699947, as well as the C allele rs2010963 located in the promoter of the VEGF gene was associated with an increased level of VEGF-A in the AHC compared to carriers of this allele in the AA group. In addition, in the group of patients with AHC, carriers of allele C, homozygous CC genotype and heterozygous GC genotype of rs2010963 locus compared with carriers of G allele or homozygous GG genotype, respectively, were characterized by elevated serum VEGF-A levels. CONCLUSION: Carrier allele G of the rs1800541 locus (ET-1) is a risk factor for liver cirrhosis with alcohol abuse. The carriage of the C allele rs699947, as well as the C allele rs2010963 located in the promoter of the VEGF gene, can determine the elevated serum VEGF-A level in the AHC. © 2018 Izdatel'stvo Meditsina. All rights reserved.

Ivanov A.S. 1 , Garmasch I.V. 1 , Arisheva O.S. 1 , Markova M.A. 1 , Melnik A.S. 1 , Terebilina N.N. 2 , Baronets V.Yu.2 , Peregud D.I.2 , Tarasenko E.V. 1 , Kobalava Z.D. 1
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  • 1 RUDN University, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 V. Serbsky National Medical Research Centre for Psychiatry and Narcology, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Alcoholic liver cirrhosis; Endothelial dysfunction; ET-1; ICAM-1; Rs1800541; Rs2010963; Rs281437; Rs699947; SNP; VEGF-A
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