Pulse electric breakdown of the distilled water at micron interelectrode distances

Fast energy input in deuterated metal edges at their electric explosion in heavy water can lead to stimulation of nuclear reactions of deuterium synthesis owing to processes of the spinodal decay, homogeneous and spark cavitation. In the experiments there were determined the conditions for electric breakdown in distilled water, necessary for realization of electric explosion of deuterated titanic edge 10 microns of radius: interelectrode distance ≤10 microns, intensity of the electric field at the edge ≥ 105 V /cm, duration of the electric pulse - several microseconds, time of the increase of electric tension before breakdown ≈5 10-7 s. These electric characteristics correspond to the "bubbles" mechanism of breakdown of the interelectrode distance in liquid. In experiments the neutron emission due to the nuclear reactions of synthesis was not found out. The researchers came to the conclusion, that microexplosive mechanism of breakdown is more favorable for stimulation of nuclear processes. In this case under action of electrons emission from the cathode the phase explosion of the edge occurs, followed by a shock wave, explosive bubbles formation and their cavitations in deuterated titan. Conditions, for realization of phase explosion of the edge are rigid enough: time of pulse increase - no longer than 10-8 s, electric field intensity - some tens megavolts on centimeter. To achieve these parameters it is necessary to raise he electric field intensity for several orders by increasing the sours tension or the use of an interelectrode liquid with small dielectric permeability.

Goryachev I.V.1 , Karyaka V.I. 2 , Martynyuk M.M. 2 , Samsonenko N.V. 2
  • 1 Russian Research Center, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Dielectric permeability; Electric characteristics; Electric explosion; Electric field intensities; Electric tension; Interelectrode distance; Nuclear process; Phase explosion; Cavitation; Deuterium; Electric breakdown; Electric fields; Experiments; Heavy water; Liquids; Nuclear reactions; Solids; Explosions
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