Echocardiographic assessment of myocardial fibrosis in young men with arterial hypertension and different types of left ventricular remodeling

In order to study structural functional characteristics of myocardium including parameters of myocardial fibrosis according echocardiography data in men with various levels of arterial pressure (AP) we examined 215 men aged 18-25 (mean 21.1 ±0,1) years with history of elevated AP at casual measurement. AP phenotype (normotension, stable arterial hypertension [AH], unstable AH) was determined on the basis of multiple measurements of clinical AP and 24 hour AP monitoring. At echocardiography we assessed presence of left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy (LVH), type of LV geometry, proportionality of LV myocardial mass (LVMM), diastolic function. Myocardial fibrosis was assessed by pixel density distribution range (PDDR) with the use of analysis of reflected signal. There were no manifestations of LV remodeling in subjects with normal AP. Concentric LV remodeling was found in 27.5 and 60.5% of patients with unstable and stable AH, respectively. Concentric LVH was found only in patients with stable AH (4.8%). Disproportionally high LVMM was found in 16.1% of subjects with stable AH. In a combined group with concentric LV remodeling and LVH rate of disproportionally high LVMM was 20.8%. We noted significant (p<0.001) increase of PDDR in stable AH (181.4±2.2) compared with PDDR in normal AP (164.6±4.6) and unstable AH (160.1 ±2.7). In stable I degree AH PDDR (177.3±2.2) was insignificantly lower than in II degree AH (185.7±3.9). PDDR in concentric LV remodeling was 180.5±2.3, in concentric LVH - 166.8±13.2, in normal LV geometry - 168.4±2.5. PDDR in disproportionally high LVMM was higher than in proportional LVMM. Independent interrelationship was found between PDDR and body mass index (r=0.17; p=0.03), duration of AH (r=0.17; p=0.03), isovolumic relaxation time (r= -0.15; p=0.04). In young men LV remodeling can be detected at the stage of unstable AH. In stable AH degree of myocardial fibrosis was associated with higher AP level, concentric LV geometry, disproportionally high LVMM, lowering of diastolic function.

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Arterial hypertension; Disproportionally high left ventricular myocardial mass; Left ventricular remodeling; Myocardial fibrosis
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