Justification of optimal methods of rehabilitation of geological environment at the leaks of oil products during their storage

The objects of storage of oil products are the sources of seriously impacts on the environment as a consequence of the significant income of the hydrocarbons into the landscape components. The results of emergency and of «legal" (permissible) losses of the oil products are the pollution of geological environment, including the underground hydrosphere, as well as giant technogenic lenses of oil products in the areas of oil storage objects, refineries, military objects and air bases. In the article are presented the approaches to the selection of optimal methods for rehabilitation of the geological environment at its pollution with the oil products offered the algorithms for estimation of the status monitoring and selection of the methods of rehabilitation of the polluted components of geological environment. They are based on the adequate estimation of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the pollution: the scale of lenses spread, period of the infiltration of oil products, types and properties of soils. The principle of the mandatory control includes the estimation of the possible emission of oil and products of its transformation into the adjacent environments; the calculations of the possibility of their transition into the aquatic environment are involved. The aquatic environment is considered as the basis of transport of pollutants. The monitoring system includes control of all the spectrum of environmentally significant compounds of oil taking into account their toxicity, solubility, migration and transformation abilities. The pollutions can be detected with different methods, but the modern approaches are based on the detailed analyses of the components of oil products (as opposed to the traditional definition of the total concentrations) as well as mandatory registration of the processes of migration and transformation of the pollutants. The grade and the character of contamination of the environment must be estimated using the modern system of the environmental regulation (as a theoretical base of definition of permissible impacts). This system must take into account the specific of natural complexes in different regions and natural areas. Detailing of the researches according to the offered algorithm lets to provide the necessary level of rehabilitation of the polluted environment and to organize an effective monitoring of it. Also, an important point is the detailed environmental-economic justification of the selected environmental measures considering the environmental risks and long0therm effects for the environment. So, the offered algorithms of quality control and of the rehabilitation of the geological environment allows to organize the selection of the optimal methods of the elimination of consequences of the geological environment pollution in the areas of influence of oil storage objects, using the new expanded methodological base. These algorithms will form the basis of an expert system for ecological remediation of the geological environment that is created as a joint project by experts from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Copyright 2013, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • 1 Peoples'Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation
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Algorithms; Economic analysis; Environmental regulations; Estimation; Exhibitions; Expert systems; Pollution detection; Risk assessment; Aquatic environments; Areas of influences; Ecological remediation; Environmental measures; Environmental risks; Geological environment; Quantitative characteristics; Transport of pollutants; Optimization
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