Fungal Decomposition of Oat Straw during Liquid and Solid-State Fermentation

White rot fungi (Coriolus hirsutus, Coriolus zonatus, and Cerrena maxima from the collection of the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and filamentous fungi (Mycelia sterilia INBI 2-26 and Trichoderma reesei 6/16) were grown on oat straw-based liquid and solid media, as well as in a bench-scale reactor, either individually or as cocultures. All fungi grew well on solid agar medium supplemented with powdered oat straw as the sole carbon source. Under these conditions, the mold Trichoderma reesei fully suppressed the growth of all basidiomycetes studied; conversely, Mycelia sterilia neither affected the development of any of the cultures, nor did it show any substantial susceptibility to suppression by their presence. Pure solid cultures of basidiomycetes, as well as the coculture of Coriolus hirsutus and Cerrena maxima, caused a notable bleaching of the oat straw during its consumption. When grown on the surface of oat straw-based liquid medium, the basidiomycetes consumed up to 40% of the polysaccharides without measurable lignin degradation (a concomitant process). Under these conditions, Mycelia sterilia decomposed no more than 25% of the lignin in 60 days, but this was observed only after polysaccharide exhaustion and biomass accumulation. In contrast, during solid-state straw fermentation, white rot fungi consumed up to 75% of cellulose and 55% of lignin in 83 days (C. zonarus), whereas the corresponding consumption levels for cocultures of Mycelia sterilia and Trichoderma reesei equaled 70 and 45%, respectively (total loss of dry weight ranged from 55 to 60%). Carbon dioxide-monitored solid-state fermentation of oat straw by the coculture of filamentous fungi was successfully performed in an aerated bench-scale reactor.

Stepanova E.V.1 , Koroleva O.V.1 , Vasilchenko L.G.1 , Karapetyan K.N.1 , Landesman E.O.1 , Yavmetdinov I.S.1 , Kozlov Yu.P. 2 , Rabinovich M.L. 1, 2
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  • 1 Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninskii pr. 33, Moscow, 119071, Russian Federation
  • 2 Faculty of Ecology, Russ. Univ. of Peoples' Friendship, Moscow, 113093, Russian Federation
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lignin; article; Basidiomycetes; bleaching; cerrena maxina; coculture; controlled study; coriolus hirsutus; coriolus zonatus; decomposition; dry weight; fermentation technique; fungal biomass; fungus; fungus growth; liquid; mycelia sterilia; mycelium; nonhuman; oat; protein degradation; solid state; Trichoderma reesei; Basidiomycota; Cerrena; Coriolus; Fungi; Hypocrea jecorina; Mycelia sterilia; Trametes hirsuta; Trichoderma
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