Early Detection of Substance Abuse and Prevention of Mental Deviations Among Minor Students

Background: the reduction in the premature mortality as a result of non-contagious diseases by way of the improvement measures to be adopted with the purpose of prevention and treatment of the substance abuse and general health care activities were outlined by the United Nations Organization as the primary objectives as far back as 2015 in order to work towards sustainable development (the objective № 3 “Promotion of healthy lifestyle and furtherance of wellbeing of individuals of all ages” in 2030 perspective). There is a high risks for the Russian Federation of transnational drugs expansion developing [1]. Concurrently, in order to build a national dependence prevention system, Decree № 581н as of 06.10.2014 “On the Preventive Medical Screening to be made at educational establishments” was issued by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Purpose: the research was supposed to focus on Preventive Medical Screening as a measure of prevention of illegal usage of substances and mental disorders among minor students and on the optimization of such preventive medical screening. Materials and methods: the findings are based on the posthoc analysis of the data of the Federal statistical survey form and of the research and information reports (n = 491 280 students). The results: the findings of the preventive medical screening made across the Russian Federation and in Moscow over the years 2016–2018 show the increase of minor students involved into such preventive medical screening, as well as the decrease of those who might use psychoactive drugs. The same findings show that the majority of the illegal drug users were students of secondary vocational schools. The findings can be called a trend across the Russian Federation and in Moscow. Conclusions: non-medical usage of substances among minor students can be a serious threat to the mental health of the youth. There are suggestions for improvement prevention of mental disorders among students at the results of the research. These include methodology of Brief Motivational Consulting at a time of preventive medical screening and the ways of increase effectivity toxicology screening in different educational organizations offering to add in preventive medical screening cotinine (it’s metabolite of nicotine) screening for students of primary school; it’s have to systematically update and expand types of screening tools for substances in preventive medical screening in all educations organizations. © 2021, Medicinskoe Informacionnoe agentstvo. All rights reserved.

Abramov A.Yu. 1 , Koshkina E.A.2 , Kicha D.I. 1 , Alekseyenko A.O.2
Издательство "Медицинское информационное агентство"
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  • 1 Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Moscow Research and Practical Center on Addictions, Moscow, Russian Federation
Addiction; Healthy lifestyle; Prevention; Preventive medical screening; Psychic health; Students; Substances abuse
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