The use of literary images and motifs in digital-communication advertising strategy.

This article discusses understanding the use of the value of literary plots, images, and quotations that help achieve high effectiveness in the advertising industry. Everyone knows that classical literature is always associated with high quality in the public. The article includes an examination of the motives and techniques by which advertisers appeal to literary images, plots, and characters. The authors dwell on the method of "Using a borrowed situation", which involves the use of works of literature and art as a tool of modern advertising, i.e. represent the interaction, the interaction of literature and advertising. The use of allusion, reminiscence (reference to previously read) allows a wide range of speakers, hearing or seeing symbolic concepts (familiar lines, images and motifs, quotations from works of literature), to build an associative series, to show interest in advertising, to respond to it - the process of promoting goods and services is carried out through the impact of persuasion based on the familiar and meaningful literary images and motifs. The purpose of this article is to display the relevance of the use of literary images and motifs, in the digital-communication advertising strategy. © 2021 ACM.

Kulbayeva A.Z.1 , Maratova Z.Z. 2 , Galay K.N. 3 , Myrzaliyeva S.Y.1 , Mizanbekov S.K. 1
Association for Computing Machinery
  • 1 Department of Russian Philology and World Literature of Al-Faraby Kazakh, National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • 2 Department of Russian and Foreign Literature, Faculty of Philology of the Peoples, Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 3 Department of Russian and Foreign Literature of Philology of the Peoples, Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
Advertising; Classical literature; Literary plot; Motif; Quotations
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