Impact of human capital on sustainable development of Russia in digitalization environment

Studies of human capital at the present stage of human development are extremely relevant, since at present human capital is steadily transforming from a factor of economic development into a target for its sustainable development. The paper proposes the basic tool i.e. a new mathematical model for assessing the impact of human capital on social well-being and development of Russian society. It uses the interdependencies among the criteria of human capital and general development. The tool proposed in paper will be powerful for improving and increasing the quality of human capital, improving the social welfare of society, bringing the most effective innovative solutions to the economy. The Human Capital can be assessed in particular by publications, proceedings, and other types of knowledge representation on the websites. And also all this materials can be automatically placed in other databases, including in Elibrary which can also be a parameter of a model. The assessments of the impact of human capital on social well-being and the development of regions and countries can be obtained automatically on-line.

Medennikov V.1 , Kokuytseva T. 2 , Ovchinnikova O. 2 , Shimansky A. 2
Conference proceedings
EDP Sciences
  • 1 Computing Center of the Federal Information Center "informatics and Management" Ras
  • 2 People's Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)
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