Some Features of the Key Phenotypes of Allergic Rhinitis Among Children in a Metropolis

In Russia, over the past decade, as a result of social stress and the transformation of the human environment, there has been an increase in existing negative trends and the emergence of new negative trends in the formation of public health, in particular, an increase in the number of patients with allergic diseases. Allergic rhinitis (AR) occupies a special place among allergic diseases. Allergic rhinitis is a serious medical, social and economic problem. AR is characterized as a disease caused by IgE -Dependent mucosal inflammation with the predominant generation of a Th2 response in a sensitized organism. The microcirculation system is an important pathogenetic link in the development of allergic diseases, including allergic rhinitis, the autonomic nervous system affects both the microcirculation system and the body’s response to various foreign agents, including allergens, to maintain homeostasis. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of allergic rhinitis among children is not only a purely medical but also a social problem. They account for a considerable part of both direct (the cost of drugs, hospital and outpatient care), and indirect (early mortality, disability, payment temporary disability) expenses of the company. They have a significant impact on the quality of patients’ life. The study of the main indicators of microcirculation and the autonomic nervous system among children with allergic rhinitis in various combinations with concomitant pathology will highlight new AR phenotypes and choose an individual treatment and rehabilitation plan for children, taking into account the socio-economic and medical-environmental features of living in a metropolis. © 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

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Allergic rhinitis; Microcirculation; Nervous system
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