Management of adherence-based treatment. Consensus document – Clinical guidelines. English version [упРАВЛЕНИЕ ЛЕЧЕНИЕМ НА ОСНОВЕ пРИВЕРЖЕННОСТИ. КОНСЕНСуСНЫй ДОКуМЕНТ – КЛИНИЧЕСКИЕ РЕКОМЕНДАЦИИ. АНГЛОЯзЫЧНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ]

Consensus Document «Management of adherence-based treatment» developed based on clinical guidelines of Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine approved by the XIV National Congress of physicians (Moscow, 20 November 2019). The document is intended primarily to assess adherence to drug therapy, adherence to lifestyle modification, and adherence to medical support for patients who need long-term or permanent treatment. The document’s authors considered the treatment adherence unanimously as the compliance of the patient’s behavior with the recommendations received from the Doctor regarding medication, dieting, and other measures of lifestyle modifications. Insufficient adherence to treatment is a global problem. Assessing adherence as a basis for making medical decisions is an essential element of improving the quality of the healthcare system. Predictions of treatment outcomes cannot be considered effective if individualized levels of adherence are not used to justify project planning and evaluation. In medical practice, quantitative assessment of adherence is preferred, suitable for patients with various diseases, and with the possibility of automated data entry and processing. Therefore, sections on medical interventions based on the assessment of treatment adherence should be reflected in national clinical guidelines. These Joint Recommendations are based on these provisions. © Group of authors, 2021

Nikolaev N.A.1 , Martynov A.I. 2 , Skirdenko Yu.P.1 , Anisimov V.N. 3 , Vasilieva I.A.4 , Vinogradov O.I.5 , Lazebnik L.B.2 , Poddubnaya I.V.6 , Roitman E.V.7, 8 , Ageev F.T.9 , Andreev K.A.1 , Babicheva L.G.6 , Bunova S.S.10 , Viktorova I.A.1 , Volchegorskiy I.A.11 , Galyavich A.S. 12 , Gaus O.V.1 , Gomberg V.G.13 , Gorbenko A.V.1 , Drapkina O.M. 14 , Ershov A.V.15, 16 , Zyryanov S.K. 17 , Karpov R.S. 18, 19 , Kobalava Zh.D. 17 , Kolbasnikov S.V.20 , Kondratyeva K.O.3 , Konradi A.O. 21 , Livzan M.A.1 , Malyavin A.G. 2 , Mareev V.Yu.22 , Medvedeva I.V.23 , Mikhaylova N.B.24 , Moiseev S.V. 15 , Morozova O.L.15 , Napalkov D.A.15 , Nedoshivin A.O. 21 , Nelidova A.V.1, 25 , Nechaeva G.I.1 , Nikiforov V.S.26 , Pisklakov A.V.1 , Popov S.V. 18 , Ptushkin V.V.27, 28 , Rebrov A.P.29 , Sayfutdinov R.I.30 , Semiglazova T.Yu.3 , Sovalkin V.I.1 , Sovetkina N.V.13 , Terentiev V.P.31 , Totchiev G.F. 17 , Tumyan G.S.6, 32 , Fedorin M.M.1 , Fofanova T.V.9 , Shepel R.N.14 , Yagoda A.V.33 , Yakushin S.S.34
Stavropol State Medical University
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  • 34 I. P. Pavlov Ryazan State Medical University, Russian Federation
Adherence; Drug therapy; Lifestyle modification; Medical support; Quantitative assessment; Treatment management
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