Using medical microwave radiometry for brain temperature measurements

Brain temperature (BT) is a crucial physiological parameter used to monitor cerebral status. Physical activities and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can affect BT; therefore, non-invasive BT monitoring is an important way to gain insight into TBI, stroke, and wellbeing. The effects of BT on physical performance have been studied at length. When humans are under extreme conditions, most of the energy consumed is used to maintain the BT. In addition, measuring the BT is useful for early brain diagnostics. Passive microwave radiometry (MWR) measures the intrinsic radiation of tissues in the 1–4 GHz range. It was shown that non-invasive passive MWR technology can successfully measure BT and identify even small TBIs. Here, we review the potential applications of MWR for assessing BT. © 2021 Elsevier Ltd

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Brain temperature; Core Body Temeperature; Non-invasive monitoring; Passive Microwave Radiometry; Traumatic brain injuries
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