The confrontation between the Eastern and Western worldviews in the conceptual space of the information war against Russia: the genesis and evolution of the terminological apparatus

The article analyzes the origin, development and application of the term "Information War" in the international media space. The main purpose of the work is the theoretical substantiation of the concepts and definitions related to information technology impact on the mass consciousness. The article considers the root causes of the formation of the concept of information wars, their application in the international media space. The terminological analysis allows us to determine the relationship of propaganda, psychological war, information war and media space over the past hundred years. New concepts and definitions contribute to the understanding of information technology impact on mass consciousness. Separatism has been replaced by a new threat: the growth of xenophobia and related extremist ideologies, which receive a new sound in the era of the information society. The informational semantic blow disorients the person; informational-emotional - destroys its ability to adequate perception, makes it insensitive or irritable; informational and moral destroys former regulatory ideas about good and evil in a person, and, finally, an informational historical blow leads to the fact that a person ceases to understand who he is and begins to forget his roots. A person loses all of his shells, built up in his culture, and is devoid of tradition and soil by the atom. Atomization of society turns people into a cluster of indifferent people who stop experiencing and reacting.

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information warfare; information operation; cyberspace; propaganda; psychological warfare; psychological impact; control of mass consciousness
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