Language features of the legends genre as the basis of storytelling technology in advertising discourse

Modern world life dictates its own rules and procedures also with respect to advertising. But how is it possible to attract attention of a potential buyer, to maximally interest him in products or services? The answer is pretty simple. People's purchases base on their inner convictions and preferences, which, in turn, are generated by information received from outside. Organizations involved in the production and provision of services have long understood this pattern. This is what can justify the emergence of such a linguistic phenomenon as "storytelling". Research experts and experience in the field of advertising proved effectiveness of its application. It should be noted that the storytelling technology is based on the legend genre. In other words, in order for potential buyers to have an interest in relation to the consumption of a certain type of product or service, they should be as interested as possible by presenting relevant information. The legend used for this is nothing more than a narration about a product or service in a somewhat embellished form, aimed at influencing the target audience. In order for the legend, as the basis of the storytelling technology in advertising, to succeed, it is necessary that it meets certain language requirements. It should be emotional, bright, rich, etc. Urgency of the problem associated with the study of topics, voiced in the subject of the article, is justified by topicality of the studied issue, its influence on the life of society.

Saychuk I.P.1 , Karabulatova I.S. 2, 3 , Golubtsov S.A.4, 5 , Zelenskaya V.V.6 , Akhmetova B.Z. 7
Revista Amazonia Investiga
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  • 1 Yugra State Univ, Fed State Budgetary Educ Inst Higher Educ, Khanty Mansiysk, Russia
  • 2 Russian Acad Nat Sci, Moscow, Russia
  • 3 Peoples Friendship Univ Russia RUDN Univ, Philol Fac, Dept Foreign Languages, Moscow, Russia
  • 4 Kuban State Technol Univ, Philol, Krasnodar, Russia
  • 5 Kuban State Technol Univ, Dept Foreign Languages 2, Krasnodar, Russia
  • 6 Kuban State Univ, Dept French Philol, Krasnodar, Russia
  • 7 Kostanay State Univ, Dept Theory Languages & Literature, Kostanay, Kazakhstan
Storytelling; genre legends; advertising; language features
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Malevinsky S.O., Aziz A.S., Karabulatova I.S., Luchinskiy Y.V., Fanyan N.Y., Grushevskaya E.S., Zelenskaya V.V.
Amazonia Investiga. Revista Amazonia Investiga. Vol. 8. 2019. P. 513-521