Can Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, continue to be important in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases?

There has been an enormous increase in ω-6 fatty acid (about 30 g/day) in the diet due to the production of oils from vegetable seeds. Diets with higher ω-6 to ω-3 ratios may contribute to the pathology of metabolic syndrome leading to cardio-metabolic diseases (CMDs) through inflammatory processes and other currently unrecognized mechanisms. Emerging research in animals and human studies indicate that eating excessive amounts of dietary omega-6 fat combined with insufficient amounts of omega-3 fats might be a risk factor for CMDs. However, increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids along with low omega-6, particularly in a prudent dietary pattern may be protective against CMDs. Later studies revealed that omega-3 rich oils such as canola or mustard or fish oil can cause significant decline in mortality and morbidity due to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Recent, cohort studies and meta-analysis showed that fish oil which is rich in EPA and DHA failed to cause a significant reduction in mortality due to CVDs. This view point aims to emphasize that a healthy diet rather than single nutrients should be taken into consideration for assessment of their role in the prevention of chronic diseases. © 2018 Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

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Indo-Mediterranean diets; Mustard or canola oil; Omega-3 fatty acids
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