Organizational and technological algorithm of primary specialized health care at cardiovascular diseases

Aim. To develop an algorithm for primary specialized cardiovascular care with a priority of endovascular strategy. Methods. The study was conducted in 2018–2019 based on the Central Clinical Hospital “Russian Railways-Medicine” and 14 polyclinics in the regions of the Russian Federation. The subject of the study is cardiovascular surgeons (n=2), possessing the skills of endovascular care. The object of the study was patients (n=1018) attended regional polyclinics of the Russian Federation. Patients were divided into two groups: group A consisting of 673 patients with clinically significant atherosclerosis of the coronary, brachiocephalic and peripheral arteries and abdominal aortic aneurysm; group B consisting of 345 patients with chronic lower limb ischemia that does not require surgical treatment. The average age of patients in group A was 69±6.1 years, in group B — 63±7.2 years. There were 467 men in group A (69.4%), and 339 in group B (98.3%). An organizational and technological algorithm was developed to improve the primary specialized cardiovascular care. The results were assessed by the presence of outcomes (heart attack, stroke, bleeding, death), the availability of endovascular care and patient survival follow up 12 and 24 months. A content analysis of scientific publications on the issue under study has been performed. Results. An organizational and technological algorithm of primary specialized cardiovascular care has been developed, including the activities of the cardiovascular surgeon, who has the skills of endovascular care and a nurse in an outpatient clinic. The implementation of the algorithm ensured continuity, 100% availability, safety and quality of cardiovascular care using endovascular technology. Outcomes are not registered in both groups. Both patient groups showed 100% one and two-year survival. Conclusion. The developed algorithm of primary specialized cardiovascular care has provided high quality healthcare. © 2020 Authors

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  • 1 Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Central Clinical Hospital of OJSC “Russian Railways”, Moscow, Russian Federation
Algorithm; Cardiovascular diseases; Endovascular technology; Primary specialized cardiovascular care
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