Planetary technology. Prerequisites for the formation of a new scientific discipline

The article considers the military-political confrontation in the “space race” between the USSR and the United States, which opened up historical prospects for scientific research and development of outer space. The assessment to new initiatives of the USA is given. Such initiatives that have not just returned the confrontation in the space sphere but have defined a new vector: commercial research of the mineral resources of celestial bodies; exploitation and utilization of space resources; an attempt to establish boundaries of commercial interests of the States on celestial bodies. An assessment of the development of the mining industry, indicating the intensification of mineral extraction and the impact of mining operations on the environment, is made. The paper also contains an analysis of emerging man-made disasters at mining enterprises and their impact on humans and the environment. It is suggested that the gradual depletion of Earth’s resources, the deterioration of the environmental situation in the locations where minerals are extracted, and a good knowledge of a number of space bodies that have unique reserves of mineral raw materials, makes the celestial bodies attractive for commercial development. The programs of various States in the field of development of celestial bodies and possible development of their mineral resources are analyzed. The article deals with the trends and concepts of further research in the field of space exploration, the commonality and difference of Geotechnology and the process of extracting minerals from celestial bodies. The mutual relationship between the development of the mineral resource base of celestial bodies and the development of several related Sciences is determined. The prerequisites for the possible formation of a new independent scientific direction are identified, and its stages are defined. It is suggested that it is possible to identify a new object of research and consider the extraction of minerals from space bodies as a separate science. It was also noted that due to the lack of industry planetary development and exploration of mineral resource base of the celestial bodies, the development of this science will be based on the analysis of experience and scientific knowledge obtained through research. After selecting the object of research, the subject of research and goals were also determined, as well as the relationship with other related Sciences was indicated. © 2020, Scientific and Industrial company 'Gemos Ltd.'. All rights reserved.

Khayrutdinov M.M.1 , Kongar-Syuryun C.B.1 , Tyulyaeva Y.S.2 , Khayrutdinov A.M. 3
Научно-производственная компания "Гемос Лимитед"
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  • 1 National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Florida International University, Miami, FL, United States
  • 3 RUDN University, Moscow, Russian Federation
Asteroid; Astrotechnology; Bowels; Celestial body; Deposit; Development of deposits; Geotechnology; Mineral and raw material base of space bodies; Mineral extraction; Mineral raw materials; Natural resources; Ore; Planetary geology; Planetary technology; Resources of celestial bodies; Resources of space bodies; Space; Space body
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