The problem of food safety in modern conditions

The proportion of local food in the Republic of Buryatia according to the criteria of a minimum permissible self-sufficiency rate (lim) approved by the Doctrine indicates that the Republic provides only 46.1% of local meat and meat products production for its needs (in the Russian Federation it is 74.6% with the required level of 85%). There is an increase in the share of imported meat and meat products from 30.1% to 57.5%. As for the potato availability it is fully satisfied, and over-indexes the consumption level of 74% (in the Russian Federation it is 2%). During the analyzed period the eggs and egg products production in the Republic was increased by 11%, the volume of imported products was increased by 1.7 times, self-sufficiency rate is 33.1%. There is a low self-sufficiency rate of fruits and berries - 10.6% and in the Russian Federation - 33%. The volume of imported vegetable products increased by 2.5 times mainly due to the imported products. The self-sufficiency rate of in the Republic of Buryatia was 70.8%, in Russia it is 80.5%. For the food safety integrated assessment of the Republic of Buryatia a normalized indicator was calculated. It takes into account the local products hurdles in the commodity total volume for the food main types that is 49.9%. The food safety in the Republic of Buryatia is estimated as low due to the total absence of some producing: vegoil, sugar, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. © 2021 Institute of Physics Publishing. All rights reserved.

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Food safety; Fruits; Vegetables; Consumption levels; Fruits and vegetables; Imported products; Integrated assessment; Local foods; Meat products; Russian federation; Vegetable products; Meats
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