Prospects of Development of Jet Pump's Well Operation Technology in Russia

Oil production with submersible jet pump's installations can successfully solve many problems of well's operation in the complicated conditions. However, this technology, unfortunately, is not widely used in Russia. The purpose of this work is the study and improving of the oil production technology with jet pumps, and developing of recommendations for its effective application. The analysis of the field experience of implementation has shown that, despite the achievements, the effectiveness of the known systems of oil jet pumps production is currently low. To solve this problem, various methods have been developed. One is the well operation with jet pumps driven by electric submersible pump (ESP), located in the bore pit, which is also the storage capacity and phase separator. The use of ESP, which is located in the bore pit, can significantly improve the reliability of the hydraulic drive of jet pumps in compare to the power plunger pumps. It is necessary to achieve the best balance between ESP energy cost and efficiency of jet pumps. To optimize the system of oil production and achieve the highest efficiency of the jet operation of wells were developed methods and programs of software equipment selection and analysis, combined in a single software product. It allows select the most energy-efficient equipment and design the best system for the jet operation well cluster using ESP as a power unit deflated in bore pit. The developed method of jet pump selection and the calculation of ESP mode allows make a choice of the most suitable equipment for the jet operation of wells, including the power unit with the ESP and to increase the efficiency of the entire system. There is another method of the technology of development, research and operation of complicated wells with jet pumps driven by the mobile power pumping complex. Designed and manufactured mobile automated power station equipped with instruments to measure downhole pressures and temperatures, the operating fluid consumption and the well production rates. The station has successfully passed bench tests. The algorithms incorporated in this automated control system allow correctly handle the field information and set the optimal conditions of use. A new technology has been suggested to use surface jet pumps for pumping out gas from the annulus and directing it with water into the injection wells. This technology is designed to increase oil production by reducing the annulus pressure and enhance oil recovery by SWAG injection. Copyright 2015, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

  • 1 Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
  • 2 Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas,
hydraulic jet pump; multiphase pump; artificial lift system; gas separator; efficiency; separator; oil production; injection well; selection; Upstream Oil & Gas
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