Academic physical education and sports discipline: Education process specifics at law universities

The study analyses education process specifics of the academic Physical Education and Sports discipline at law universities. For success of the personality building and professional qualities cultivation service provided to the future lawyers, the academic Physical Education and Sports curriculum shall be designed to: model conflict situations in the academic team sports and active games; motivate the students for the professionally important personality qualities building with a special emphasis on the interpersonal communication skills to control stressful profession-specific situations; give due knowledge of the rules of team sports and active games; apply problem-solving technologies and conflict situation modelling and testing practices; and form constructive mindsets for the productive communication in conflict situations. The game tasks in the education process shall be designed to offer variable difficulties including: time limitations (for the situation understanding and analyzing; decision making; communication with the executive teammates; and urgent actions); intellectual problems (related to the decision options analyzing and decision-making); situational challenges (due to the situations being new and unusual); social limitations (with the tasks varied in goals and age-, gender-, status-specifics and numbers of the communicating individuals); and subjective/individual performance limitations (due to fatigue, emotional tension etc.). In the professionally important physical skills building process, due priority in the academic Physical Education and Sports curriculum shall be given to the self-defence basics to help the future lawyers effectively act in potentially dangerous situations. © 2018 Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kul'tury i sporta. All rights reserved.

Khubbiev Sh.Z.1 , Panchuk N.S.2 , Bondarev V.G.2 , Smirnov V.E.2 , Buchnev S.S. 3
Teoriya i Praktika Fizicheskoi Kul'tury
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  • 1 Saint Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • 2 Russian State University of Justice, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • 3 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
Education; Law university; Physical culture
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