Geological and geochemical signs and criteria of potential mineralization in the Tangaralakh intrusion

The scope of the discussion embraces the problems connected with development and improvement of geological information processing methods and systems, as well as modeling of primary mineral deposits in exploration of side rock mass and deep horizons of the deposits under mining and in new areas with intent to discover potential copper nickel sulphide mineralization. The target of the research is the geological and geochemical preconditions and signs of sulphide mineralization in the potentially ore-bearing Tangaralakh field adjacent to the deposits of the Talnakh ore magmatic system. The integrated research is based on the conventional different-rank geological, geochemical, magmatic, structural, tectonic, lithological and stratigraphical preconditions and signs of sulphide copper nickel platinum-bearing ore in the Norilsk Region. The geochemical search of ore objects in the Norilsk Region provided the best results in case of the geological and structural analysis of spatial interactions between geochemical abnormalities as the geochemical zonality is yet the chief factor in the mineralization prediction. This method of improvement of geological geochemical information processing and modeling of mineral deposits was tested in geological geochemical modeling of the Talnakh ore province bodies. From the research findings, the structural and tectonic conditions of localization of the potentially ore-bearing Tangaralakh intrusion were determined. The structural modeling of geochemical field of the mineralization revealed the types of geochemical associations marking different compositions of sulphide mineralization in disseminated ore in different sections of the Tangaralakh intrusion. It is found that the geochemical zonality coincides with the mineral zonality of the disseminated ore horizon formed at different stages of orogenesis. The similarity elements are found in the geological geochemical models of the Tangaralakh potentially ore-bearing ore field and Talnakh ore field (ore magmatic system). © 2020 Publishing house Mining book. All rights reserved.

Miroshnikova L.K.1 , Yu. Mezentsev A. , Semenyakina N.V.1 , Kotel'nikova E.M. 2
Общество с ограниченной ответственностью "Горная книга"
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  • 1 Norilsk State Industrial Institute, Norilsk, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Engineering Academy, Moscow, Russian Federation
Fokin–Tangaralakh fault; Geological–geochemical model; Kharaelakh trough; Prospecting preconditions and signs; Talnakh ore field; Tangaralakh potentially ore-bearing field; Ulphide copper–nickel mineralization
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