An in Vitro Evaluation Study of the Geometric Changes of Root Canal Preparation and the Quality of Endodontic Treatment

Introduction. The geometry of root canals differs in different parts, especially in the apical region, and it is affected by different preparation techniques. The aim of this study was to evaluate the geometric changes of root canal preparation by general dentists regardless of the endodontic instrumentation systems and to study the quality of endodontic treatment by evaluating the untouched areas after mechanical preparation and the smear layer removal. Materials and Methods. 100 extracted maxillary canines were collected for the in vitro study from 10 dentists, and the dentists were asked to treat the teeth endodontically. The teeth then were separated and examined under an optical microscope to evaluate the root canal final diameter and the untouched areas. Then, the teeth were examined under a scanned electronic microscope to evaluate the smear layer in coronal, middle, and third parts of the canal. Statistical significance was set as P<0.05. Results. The mean diameter of the root canal after instrumentation in the coronal and middle thirds was 2.50 ± 1.12 and 1.75 ± 1.24 mm, respectively, and the untouched area percentage observed in the apical thirds was 71%. For smear layer removal, it was better in the coronal and middle thirds than in the apical (P<0.05). Conclusion. The changes in the diameter of the root canal, the percentage of untouched areas after mechanical preparation, and the percentage of smear layer were observed in a higher percent in the apical third than in the coronal and middle thirds, and this raises the question of changing the technique of processing the root canal, especially in the apical third. © 2020 Svetlana Razumova et al.

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Article; clinical assessment; clinical evaluation; dental surgery; dentist; endodontic procedure; endodontics; geometry; human; in vitro study; maxillary canine; microscopy; outcome assessment; periodontal disease; root canal preparation; scanning electron microscopy
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