Space technologies to form lexical structure of academic discourse

The present paper is devoted to describe the features of lexical composition for academic discourse structure under the influence of advancements in space and aerospace technologies. The focus is set on terminological issues of borrowings and the ways they are adapted to the language system. Quickly advanced development of space technologies in the 21st century led to the notable increase in the number of special lexical units from the space field, cohesion of scientific society using uniform terms in order to work in a single information field and exchange information. Loanwords are lexemes that appear in the language system as a result of satisfying the need for naming a new thing or concept due to the emerging technologies to provide unambiguous understanding in exact sciences. The concept of terms and terminology is a key issue in science, since the term provides accuracy, clarity and understanding of scientific thought. English vocabulary widely penetrated into the term systems of other languages because of the rapid economic, scientific and technological development of English-speaking countries and due to the fact that traditionally the language of international science is English. The study of space term system in academic discourse is especially important, since helps to ensure effective communication in the global scientific community and to create specialized dictionaries, vocabularies for educational purposes. The methods of research are defined by goals and objectives. The object of this study is Spanish space science terminology. A method of structural analysis and a descriptive method have been used as the basic research methods with the use of such techniques as observation, comparison, interpretation, generalization. Source language material are monographs of specialists in this field of knowledge and research papers devoted to studying space science problems. © 2020, Univelt Inc. All rights reserved.

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Space applications; Space flight; Space platforms; Aerospace technologies; Effective communication; Emerging technologies; International science; Methods of researches; Scientific community; Space technologies; Technological development; Terminology
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