Molecular-biochemical factors of toxicity of endometriomas and their influence on ovarian reserve

Objective. To study the levels of molecular-biochemical factors of ovarian endometriosis (OE) toxicity on the systemic and local levels and their correlation with the values of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH). Patients and methods. The study included patients with OE (n = 131), who underwent examination and surgical treatment. The control group comprised 30 patients, who underwent diagnostic laparoscopy due to infertility, which excluded the presence of external genital endometriosis. In the course of preoperative examination, patients with OE were divided into 2 groups depending on the state of their ovarian reserve (OR): the treatment group – 71 (54.2%) patients with diminished OR and the reference group – 60 (45.8%) patients with normal OR. For objective assessment of the «toxicity» of endometriomas the levels of the sought-for molecular-biochemical markers of toxicity (lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), cytokines (interleukin-6 (IL-6), interleukin-8 (IL-8)), ferrous ions (Fe2+)) were examined in blood serum and peritoneal fluid and correlations of these parameters with AMH levels were determined. Results. The results have shown a strong negative correlation between Fe2+ and IL-6 levels, and also a moderate negative correlation between LDH and IL-8 levels in the peritoneal fluid and AMH levels. In blood serum, we have found a strong negative correlation between IL-6 and AMH levels, a moderate negative correlation between LDH and AMH. Conclusion. We have obtained the results that are demonstrative of the presence of oxidative-inflammatory stress in OE on both the systemic and local levels, and its influence of ovarian reserve. We have found a reverse correlation between the severity of the described changes and the degree of OR decrease. © 2020, Dynasty Publishing House. All rights reserved.

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Anti-Müllerian hormone; Endometrioma; Ovarian reserve; Oxidative-inflammatory stress; Toxicity
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