The role of the African Union in Preserving Regional Security

This article attempts to clarify some of the central questions and distinctions that provide the necessary backdrop for thinking in a sophisticated way about security in Africa. Mainly looking into the operations of the African Peace and Security Council for the prevention management and resolution. Most imperative the article using constructivism theory will analyze the causes leading to insecurity in the several sub regions in the continent of Africa such as including ethno-political conflicts, terrorist insurgencies, the proliferation of small arms and light weapons (SALWs), and overwhelming economic crisis. It's worth noting that these challenges have had implications in areas of human security, socio-economic development, territorial authority, and sovereignty and the stability and legitimacy of political regimes in the affected states. The regional response to these stated challenges is what they article will analyze and also the role that ought's to be played by the regional actors. This paper will further identify the strategic priorities of the African Union in being the official guarantor of Peace in the region that has been highly infested with conflict and wars that have not only claimed many lives but also been largely responsible for the current economic challenges in the region. Questions such as? Which actors are best placed to alleviate those threats? And what sort of institutions should be built to assist in that process? Will be addressed. Consequently, it recommends other areas that African Union should consider in establishing ultimate peace building and conflict resolution in the continent through security cooperation and conflict management among others.

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African Union (AU); Africa Peace and Security Council (APSC)
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