The Conduct of Organic Compounds Applied to Information Display Devices

Materials science is an interdisciplinary field where physicists, chemists and engineers work together, bringing different views on the same problem in their quest to find a common goal of development and improvement of many existing materials in nature. The main goal of materials science is to respond to the needs of contemporary society through innovation. Some of the topics being addressed at the moment are the reduction of energy consumption in devices, how to encourage increased energy storage capacity of batteries, development of systems offering based on renewable energy solutions and, therefore, they are able to capture energy from sunlight among other things. Organic semiconductors are able to offer solutions to the various problems that we face today, through the intelligent use of their intrinsic properties (they are cheap, flexible, transparent and light), allowing lead to new concepts and designs of electronic devices. The best example is found in the organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Were the first devices based on organic materials produced on a large scale and have revolutionized the display industry by offering hardware that consumes much less power and offers higher quality, in addition to using less physical space. Today we can find in mobile phones and the ultra-thin, high-resolution TVs, enabling unique solutions such as televisions and curved transparent screens. Today, the OLED industry is well advanced and it is possible to find highly efficient devices on the market. The challenges now we find them in improving display properties and the development of lighting devices for interior spaces and architectural purposes among other developments.

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display properties and development of lighting devices; materials science; organic emitting diode (OLED); organic semiconductors
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