Parameters of electromagnetic pollution from different sources and their hazard impact

During this recent year and a cording development of technology and electronic and software, unexpected kind of pollution among this type of technology appear in our life, this is electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which expose to people, which has Surprisingly risen. For the people who is connected with technology or not, it is important that they have sufficient information about EMF emitting from the equipment that related to field they are in. Therefore, EMR is not only described, but the effects of EMR sources have also been studied in this paper. EMR is basically divided into two parts which are ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. In the other way the techniques we use most often in every life are exposed to radio wave electromagnetic radiation, as the telecommunication systems and microwave oven. but, EMR emitted from these systems it almost has largely ignored due to their low energy level, where it has greatly hazard with the passage time and increased of exposure to this type of radiation. However, EMR ionizing as x-ray, and medical equipment, hence, this type almost related by special way just to people inside this fields and it has personally exposure. more importance they must know about its impact hazard informed about, then they should be having protective to avoid this dangerous type of radiation. on other side all must be caution for their health. The definition of EMR and sources of radiation are very importance for all people must know about the radiation emitted from each device and by details, in order to be obtain their protection to avoid the exposure for radiation in direct way. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Electromagnetic wave emission; Hazards; Radiation shielding; X rays; Electro magnetic pollution; Exposed to; Nonionizing radiation; Passage time; Type of technology; Pollution
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