The efficacy and safety of a therapy regimen including raltegravir and a fixed dose combination of lamivudine and abacavir in previously rifabutin-treated patients with tuberculosis and HIV infection

Aim: To evaluate the efficiency and safety of using raltegravir (RAL) twice daily in conjunction with a once-daily fixed dose combination of abacavir (ABO/lamivudine (3TC) in patients with HIV infection and active tuberculosis who have not previously received antiretroviral therapy (ART) and have taken rifabutin as antituberculosis therapy (ATT). Subjects and methods: The efficiency of ART was evaluated in 28 patients from a change in HIV RNA levels and from an increase in CD4+ lymphocyte counts during 48-week treatment that had been completed by 15 (53.6%) patients. The main reason for therapy discontinuation was that the patients returned to the use psychoactive agents. Results: After 24 and 48 weeks of ART, the level of HIV RNA reached the undetectable values (less than 50 copies/ml) in 81.25 and 75% of the patients, respectively (according to an analysis including the patients who had completed the study in conformity with the requirements of the protocol). In only 2 patients, the virological therapy proved to be ineffective, which was likely to be associated with noncompliance with drug therapy. Following 24- and 48-week therapy, the increase in median CD4+ lymphocyte counts was 70 and 208.5 per pi, respectively. The concurrent use of ART and ATT caused positive changes in the lung skiagraphic pattern in 92.9% of the patients and complete resolution of lung tissue infiltration in 71.4%. Mixed infection ended in a fatal outcome caused by a progressive tuberculous process in 3 (10.7%) patients, in 2 of them within the first 8 weeks of treatment. The concomitant use of ATT including rifabutin and an ART (RAL + ABC/3TC) regimen was safe since one patient was noted to have a RAL-related adverse event (AE) (an allergic reaction) and caused the patient to discontinue therapy. ATT was not discontinued because of AE in any case. Conclusion: The ART regimen containing RAL and a fixed dose combination of ABC/3TC for adult patients with tuberculosis concurrent with HIV infection who are on combined therapy using rifabutin for tuberculosis may be recommended for the treatment of this category of patients.

Kravchenko A.V.1 , Zimina V.N. 2 , Popova A.A.1 , Deulina M.O.1 , Kanestri V.G.1 , Ivanova E.S.3 , Yakovlev A.A.4 , Pokrovsky V.V.1
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  • 1 Federal Research and Methodological Center for AIDS Prevention and Control, Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Russian Inspectorate for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Human Welfare, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 3 S.P. Botkin Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, Saint-Petersburge, Russian Federation
  • 4 Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases, Perm, Russian Federation
Abacavir/lamivudine; Antiretroviral therapy; HIV infection; Raltegravir; Rifabutin; Tuberculosis
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