Business entities within the agro-industrial sector and present-day trends in "green" logistics in a climate of transformation of the world economy

This paper examines key theoretical and practical issues relating to the implementation of the concept of "green logistics" within the agro-industrial sector, factoring in the latest global transformations taking place in the world economy. The authors discuss various aspects characterizing key global economic, environmental, and technological trends that will shape the future of our civilization. This helps concretize the key ideas behind the use of green logistics within the agro-industrial sector. As a result of this discussion, the authors draw the following major conclusions: • the world economy is transitioning from an extravagant scenario for development to an environmentally responsible one, which allows us to speak of the ubiquitous spread of ideas of a green economy and the emergence of new approaches to managing the national social-economic systems; • as part of the foundational concept of "green economy", there emerge a number of various functional concepts, "green logistics" being one of them. Green logistics is about stepping up the use of a variety of safe resources and giving up the use of high-carbon transportation, in an effort to ease the anthropogenic and technogenic strains on the global ecosystem; • using the key ideas of green logistics within the agro-industrial sector helps, on one hand, reduce expenses and environmental costs incurred by farming and agricultural enterprises. On the other hand, using the ideas of green logistics within the agro-industrial sector helps business entities operating within it develop whole new approaches to organizing and conducting business; • it is proposed to base such solutions on an environmentally responsible logistics approach using a relevant business model, an example of which is examined by the authors in this work. IJER © Serials Publications.

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  • 1 Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), 82, Vernadsky prosp., Moscow, 119571, Russian Federation
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Agricultural enterprises; Agro-industrial sector; Business; Business model; Environmental responsibility; Farming; Green economy; Green logistics; Sustainable development
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