The health of “Third age” persons: Objective and subjective rating of health among the elderly

The results of influence of “third age” education on subjective evaluation and objective indices of health are presented. Three groups of respondents took part in the research. Non-working pensioners (n = 23) constitute the first group. The second group includes 19 non-working pensioners who attended courses of computer literacy. The third group constitutes non-working pensioners (n = 21), students of special educational program “Applied psychology”. Average age of participants – 62,7 ± 4,4 years for women and 65,9 ± 5,2 years for men. Women-men ration was 70 % to 30 % respectively. Comparative analysis of health index in groups reveals statistically significant differences. Those who do not work and do not participate in educational programs consider that their health needs permanent control and care. Those who study mentioned some diseases that do not restrict their activity and mobility. Objective information about health was obtained by means of “Varicard 2.8” - the instrument for analysis of cardiac rate variability. The results reveal significant differences between groups in estimations of their state of health: non-working pensioners who do not participate in educational programs rate their health from bad to worse while objective examination does not confirm such evaluations; non-working pensioners who participate in different kinds of educational activity consider themselves more healthy than the results of medical objective examinations have revealed. Upon the whole, our research has revealed that educational activity results favourably on subjective representations of seniors about their health and on objective medical indices as well. © Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk.

Belovol E.V. 1 , Boyko Z.V. 2 , Radysh I.V. 2 , Radysh B.B. 2 , Shurupova E.Y.3
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  • 1 Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 3 Centre for psychological support of children and adolescents, Moscow, Russian Federation
Health and education of seniors; Objective and subjective representations about health; Third-age person
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Dey A., Rasane P., Choudhury A., Singh J., Maisnam D., Rasane P.
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. SPB Pharma Society. Vol. 9. 2016. P. 2980-2984