Geological position and structural control of ore mineralization of the Toupugol-Khanmeyshorsky district (the Polar Urals) as a result of remote sensing [ГЕОЛОГИЧЕСКАЯ ПОЗИЦИЯ И СТРУКТУРНЫЙ КОНТРОЛЬ ОРУДЕНЕНИЯ ТОУПУГОЛ-ХАНМЕЙШОРСКОГО РАЙОНА (ПОЛЯРНЫЙ УРАЛ) ПО РЕЗУЛЬТАТАМ ДИСТАНЦИОННОГО ЗОНДИРОВАНИЯ]

Large ring, arc and radial structures were identified based on complex processing of the multispectral satellite imagery of the Landsat apparatus. These structures control the position of gold mineralization of the Toupugol-Khanmeyshorsky ore district (Novogodnenskoe ore cluster, the Polar Urals). The comparative characteristic of this territory with the Turinsk-Auerbakh ore district (Auerbach ore cluster, the Northern Urals) was held. Similar geological features, regularity of the structures and location of gold mineralization in the system of morphostructures were revealed. For the first time, the depths of the formation of magmatic chambers were determined for the Novogodnensky and Auerbach paleovolcanic structures. These chambers were located at depths of ~4 km and ~20 km, respectively in the upper and middle parts of the earth's crust. These are sitting. The Novogodnensky structure is a monogenic structure. It formed under the influence of one leading geological process. The Auerbach structure is larger and more complex structure; it is characterized by a long and multi-stage development. The paleovolcanic reconstruction showed that the root (focal) part of the Auerbach structure plunges from the southeast to the northwest during of the magmatic process evolution. Gold mineralization within the studied areas of the Northern Urals is confined to the intersections of radial faults near the centers of large concentric morphostructures. 2019 © Irkutsk State University. All Rights Reserved.

Ivanova J.N. 1, 2 , Vyhristenko R.I.1 , Vikentyev I.V. 1, 2
Pleiades journals
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  • 1 Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
Decoding; Gold deposits; Lineaments; Multispectral satellite imagery; The Northern Urals; The Polar Urals
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