BRICS in the world energy sector development trends

Energy has paramount importance for the further development of global economics. Nevertheless, energy consumption and energy security strategies come out the forefront of the modern world. The BRICS countries play an important role in the Global Energy Security System. The BRICS countries have significant weight, both in generation and in consumption of global energy resources. The authors consider conduction of comparative analysis based on statistical data from official sources concerning the EU, NAFTA and BRICS in dynamics useful and interesting. It seems interesting to study the changing of BRICS countries positions in the global energy industry and production. Comparative analysis of BRICS, EU and NAFTA was carried out on the base of data from the British Petroleum (BP Statistical Review of World Energy), UNIDO and the National Science Foundation of the United States (Science and Engineering Indicators 2016) for the period from 1999 to 2016. Based on the study, the strengthening of BRICS countries positions in the global industry is highlighted, also due to availability of energy resources on their territory. This represents the complication of the territorial structure of global economics. According to analysis the level of resources, production and consumption of energy resources in the BRICS is not so high and quite comparable to NAFTA indicators. But considering that BRICS countries own more than 40% of the world's population, these per capita indicators are comparable even with those in the EU. Attempts of BRICS countries to change the global economics order are based on strengthening their positions in various spheres of activity and sectors of the economy. © 2018 University of Minho. All rights reserved.

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BRICS; Economic efficiency; Energy efficiency; Energy resources; Energy security; World energy
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