In Vitro Study of Deuterium Effect on Biological Properties of Human Cultured Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

In current in vitro study we have shown the impact of deuterium content in growth medium on proliferation rate of human cultured adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC). ADSCs have also demonstrated morphological changes when cultured in deuterated growth medium: the cell cultures did not reach confluence but acquired polygonal morphology with pronounced stress fibers. At high deuterium concentrations the ADSCs population doubling time increased which indicated the cell cycle retardation and decrease of cell proliferation rate. The deuterated and deuterium-depleted growth media demonstrated acute and chronic cytotoxicity, respectively. The minimal migration ability was observed in deuterated medium whereas the highest migration activity was observed in the medium with the deuterium content close to natural. The cells in deuterated growth medium demonstrated decrease in metabolic activity after three days in culture. In contrast, in deuterium-depleted medium there was an increase in ADSC metabolic activity. © 2018 Alona Zlatska et al.

Zlatska A.1, 2 , Gordiienko I.2 , Vasyliev R.1, 2 , Zubov D.1, 2 , Gubar O.2 , Rodnichenko A.1, 2 , Syroeshkin A. 5 , Zlatskiy I. 1, 5
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  • 1 State Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2 Biotechnology Laboratory Ilaya Regeneration, Medical Company Ilaya
  • 3 , Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 4 RE Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 5 Peoples Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), 6 Miklukho-Maklaya St., Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation
  • 6 Dumanskii Institute of Colloid Chemistry and Water Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
5' nucleotidase; deuterium; endoglin; granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor; stromal cell derived factor 1; Thy 1 membrane glycoprotein; deuterium; adipose derived stem cell; Article; cell cycle; cell migration; cell proliferation; cell structure; cell viability; chronic toxicity; comparative study; controlled study; cytotoxicity; fibroblast; human; human cell; immunophenotyping; in vitro study; mesenchymal stroma cell; stem cell culture; stress fiber; adipocyte; cell culture; cell differentiation; cell motion; drug effect; metabolism; physiology; stem cell; Adipocytes; Cell Differentiation; Cell Movement; Cell Proliferation; Cells, Cultured; Deuterium; Humans; Stem Cells
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