Nature of reality according to Einstein's statistical-thermodynamic and geometric ideas today

It is shown that among the manifold scientific legacy of Einstein, his statistical-thermodynamic and geometric ideas take on a special significance today. A special attention is paid to his role as a founder of holistic understanding of Nature . His geometric thinking allowed creating not only special and general relativity but complete classical physics as a holistic classical version of the physical picture of the world. His statistical- thermodynamic thinking allowed creating not only outstanding statistical and quantum theories but opened a way to unification of these theories and to becoming a nonclassical version of physical picture of the world. At last, it is demonstrated that Einstein's discoveries proved the funadamental status of Boltzmann's constant and allowed distinguishing micro- and macrolevels of Nature describing. The influence of Einstein's geometrical approach on the modern theoretical physics methods is discussed. It is analyzed some different forms of uncertainties relations, including Shroedinger's uncertainties relations, as some geometrical restrictions on mutual relations between quantities or their fluctuations in the nonclassical theories. By this means an opportunity of mutual transitions of thermal and quantum fluctuations at high and low temperatures is considered. Admitting the existence of two versions of the physical picture of the world and two levels of Nature describing, a physics structure in the form of planar table is proposed. Each group of theories in the table cell responds to the corresponding version of PPW and level of Nature describing. As a result each of the group uniquely corresponds to one of four fundamental constants c,GN, h̄, kB. As another image of this structure is offered a tetrahedron jointing four groups of theories. © 2006 American Institute of Physics.

Conference proceedings
  • 1 Joint Institute for Nuclear Researches, Dubna, Russian Federation
  • 2 Rissian People's Friendship University, Moscow, Russian Federation
Classical version; Holistic physics structure; Macrolevel; Microlevel; Nonclassical version; Physical picture of the world; Set of fundamental constants; Shroedinger's uncertainties relations; Statistical thermodynamics; Tetrahedron of physics structure
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