Kovalchukov R.

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Kovalchukov R., Samuylov A.K., Moltchanov D.A., Andreev S., Samouylov K.E.
Distributed computer and communication networks: control, computation, communications (DCCN-2016): Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Scientific Conference. Russia, Moscow, 21-25 November 2016. Vol. 3: Youth School-Seminar. РУДН. Vol. 3. 2016. P. 301-304
Begishev V., Kovalchukov R., Samuylov A., Ometov A., Moltchanov D., Gaidamaka Yu., Andreev S., Koucheryavy Y.
IX International Workshop “Applied Problems in Theory of Probabilities and Mathematical Statistics related to modeling of information systems” (APTP + MS’ 2015). August 10–13, 2015, Tampere, Finland. TUT. 2015. P. 45-47

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