The development of prototype of "ideal" model of competences of executive manager in health care

The formation of a prototype of the organizational functional model of competences of the "ideal" health care manager and availability of objective assessment of its activities are of considerable practical interest. In any medical organization there is a need for trained, experienced and motivated administrators - managers capable effectively achieve their goals. This need can be met by developing and improving managerial competencies in managers at all levels. The competences of manager can be developed on the basis of organizational functional model and in accordance with personal responsibilities, work status, goals of medical organizations and professional standard. THE PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: was to develop a prototype of "ideal" organizational functional model of competencies of administrator - health care manager. MATERIALS AND METHODS: On the basis of data content analysis, evaluation of experimental results and logical and comparative technique a prototype of the "ideal" organizational functional model of health care manager was developed and tested. The development of model of administrators competences was based on comparative parameters of the professional standard "The specialist of health care and public health," personal managership of administrators of medical organizations, in accordance with the work status and objectives proposed in the course of the study organized in the Chelyabinsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital (n = 26). THE RESULTS: The analysis of the factors affecting quality of management functions performed by managers, presented in t professional publications and based on the results of competence model testing, permitted to conclude that the requirements of the professional standard "The specialist of Health Organization and Public Health" are not sufficient to completely assess the activities of administrator - manager. To improve comprehensiveness of assessment of managers and the development of "ideal" model of executive manager competence the listing of requirements in the professional standard is to be supplemented with "The necessity of satisfaction with own work", "The necessity of conscious motivation to work at managerial position", "The necessity of abilities to perform management activities".

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  • 1 Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia" (RUDN University) of Minobrnauki of RussiaMoscow 117198, Russian Federation
  • 2 State Budget Institution of Health Care "The Chelyabinsk Oblast Children clinical Hospital"Chelyabinsk 454076, Russian Federation
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competencies; health care system; management; model; performance
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